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Our Approach to Global Education

At Andean Discovery Student Expeditions, we believe that well-designed international experiences can inspire students to become curious, thoughtful, and engaged global citizens for life. Through cultural immersion, home stays, service learning, and research expeditions, we provide opportunities for authentic interactions that broaden student horizons while respecting and serving local communities. We encourage students to grow by stepping out of their comfort zones.

We believe that combining our regional knowledge with educators’ expertise creates learning experiences that foster personal growth, leadership skills, and cross-cultural understanding.

Andean Discovery Program Leaders

An Andean Discovery Program Leader who was born, raised, and educated in the country you are visiting, will meet you in the airport on Day 1 and be with you throughout the trip. Our Program Leaders have been a part of the Andean Discovery family for years and are instrumental in the success of our programs.  Our leaders are passionate about experiential learning, and will lead your group through a series of hands-on activities during your visit, while providing you with a wealth of information and an unfiltered, insider’s perspective.

Your Program Leader will facilitate group discussions and opportunities for individual reflection that deepen understanding and challenge students to consider their own identities and roles within the broader global community.