Clean Floor Project

In rural communities in the Andean highlands of Ecuador, most families live with dirt floors in their homes, lacking any type of hard flooring. In addition to being uncomfortable and unpleasant, this living environment poses health risks for families and can lead to a host of preventable diseases, parasites, and worms. Dirt floors are impossible to clean and accumulate pathogens that enter houses on shoes. Young children playing on dirt floors are among the most susceptible to these health risks.

Work-hand-in-hand with local families
During the next 1-3 days, students will divide into small groups and work directly with families to help them install concrete floors in their homes. The first part of the project will be dedicated to preparing the floors with shovels and other tools, moving furniture, measuring, and calculating the amount of cement and other materials needed. During the second part of the project, students will pour concrete and transform the homes and lives of community members right before their eyes.