Clean Burning Stoves

In high-altitude communities like Huayacocha, just outside of Cusco, families often cook over open fires or stoves.  With no chimney or windows in the adobe homes, there is very little ventilation, usually just a smoke hole in the roof.  As a result, parents and children live and breathe in smoke-filled homes, which lead to a host of respiratory illnesses, eye infections, and other health problems.  Furthermore, most of the wood used to fuel the stoves is from native trees, which are rapidly decreasing in number.During the Clean Stove Project, you will participate directly with Andean families from Cusco and the surrounding highlands building Clean Burning Stoves with adobe and other local materials. After laying the brick foundation, you will install the stove platform, the stove itself, and chimney vent.  In addition to creating a healthier living environment for community members, you will save the families money on wood and help the environment at the same time!  During down time, participants may play soccer, teach English to the children and explore the surrounding hills.

Peru clean stove 1

Peru clean stove