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Galapagos Reforestation

With technical support from the Charles Darwin Foundation in 2008, Andean Discovery created its Galápagos Native & Endemic Plant Garden to help preserve the natural ecosystem and to regenerate areas that have been affected by introduced species. The Garden is set in a privileged location, on a private farm in the highlands of San Cristóbal, and boasts awe-inspiring ocean views.

Participants typically spend a day or two eradicating invasive species with machete and other tools, and a day or two reforesting native species, such as Alternanthera, Lecocarpus and Matazarno, among others.

Accommodations: You are invited to sleep in mountain tents at our private Galapagos campsite located next to the garden. Watch the sun dip over the horizon, enjoy a cookout dinner and relax around the camp fire. Fall asleep to songs from Galapagos Petrels, endemic to the Islands. In the morning, watch your step, Galapagos tortoises have been known to wander through the camp on occasion.