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Research Expeditions

Andean Discovery’s Research Expeditions are educational programs that empower curious, science-minded travelers to live the life of a field biologist or conservationist while exploring the unique ecosystems of Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. These structured, faculty-led programs allow your students to work alongside local environmentalists and conduct hands-on research, thus contributing to ongoing conservation efforts. With one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world as your classroom, participants will engage in research workshops, including monitoring fragile ecosystems and data collection in the Amazon rainforest, subtropical montane forests, and coastal environments. Students gain valuable research experience–an enhancement to any application or resume–and first-hand knowledge of what it would be like to pursue a career in this field.

Make A Difference

Whether working with macaws, giant river otters, tree frogs, or yellow-spotted turtles, your students will conduct real field research and report back to field biologists and conservation agencies working to better preserve and understand these complex ecosystems. Your work will be compiled with other research and ongoing studies.

Research Expeditions activities may include:
    • Monitor Giant River Otters
    • Macaw population census
    • Repopulation of the Yellow Spotted Turtle
    • Clay Lick Monitoring
    • Amphibian Inventory
    • Rate of Construction of Termite Nests

Our Research Expeditions are made possible by the relationships we’ve cultivated with research agencies, non-profit organizations, and government officials over years of engaging in sustainable, responsible tourism. With more than a decade of experience working in these regions and a close network of local colleagues who specialize in conservation, Andean Discovery is uniquely positioned to partner with you to create a powerful research program for your students.

Yellow Spotted Turtle Repopulation

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